Terms of Service

Welcome to Quintonia. This virtual environment is subject to the following terms of use:

This is an LGBTQI+ place that welcomes all irrespective of own labels. Throughout Quintonia there are a mixture of themes and ratings to the various locations and it is your responsibility to ensure you understand and agree the overall content/themes of each location. Any form of aggressive, inappropriate, threatening or non-consensual behaviour towards others will not be tolerated. Any such behaviour will be addressed and if not rectified immediately will result in you being asked to leave and you may also be added to a ban list.

We ask that everyone here has respect for all humans and their choices and boundaries and we aim to create a safe space free from all forms of abuse and coercion where everyone respects the principles of consent and ensures that they are implemented in all activities.

Some locations may offer residences or shop space for residents of Quintonia and these will carry their own terms of use which you should read and agree to if you decide to take residence or trade here.